The UEF 

The United Earth Force

 The United Earth Force (UEF) 


The UEF was established to defend Earth and its interests without having to rely on Gaia Force. The UEF is comprised of various nations with the common goal of colonization and exploitation of the solar system's resources. 

The UEF is located in Canada.

Nations presently belonging to the UEF : United States, Canada, Russia, China, South Korea and European Union (pending)

Criteria for joining: 
Must possess a viable space program 
Must contribute space worthy ship, alien or domestic
Must contribute alien technology information
Must follow UEF protocols
UEF Armstrong from Gaia Force, Grey Legacy, Lawrenz Lano


 UEF Armstrong ­and Grey design ships 

Other ships in this category include the UEF Shepard (USA), UEF Liwei (China) and UEF Gagarin (Russia)

Size: 200 meters in diameter (660 ft)

 Ship Layout 

The top deck is deck 1. It houses a weapon’s bay and the shuttle bay. On the Armstrong, there is also a laboratory on this deck and a few living quarters.

Below, on deck 2, the central area houses the auxiliary stations and the main computer. The rest are living quarters

On deck 3 a section is reserved for the gym, the galley, and the lounge and observation bay. The rest are living quarters.

Deck 4 and 5 are mostly taken up by the main hangar bays 
as well as the warp drive. The bays’ height occupies the space of two decks. The central section of the ship also houses the weapons control, the bridge, ready rooms, conference rooms and command crew’s quarters. 

Deck 6 is the main engineering deck. 

Deck 7 houses the science stations and the security wing and sickbay.

Deck 8 houses the ship’s waste recycling plant. There is also a weapons’ bay.

 Ship Design 

The saucer ships are made up of five distinctive parts. The central section, the two-part top section and the bottom two-part section.

The top and bottom saucers each have an outer ring that spins when the ship is in flight mode. In take-off mode, the rings spin in opposite directions to each other. This generates an anti grav field making the ship rise. Once the ship is space bound, the rings spin in the same direction. Upon reaching three quarter light speed, the rings resume their counter clockwise motion creating an energy bubble around the ship. Once inside this bubble, the ship can achieve light speed. Matter cannot travel at such speeds, but the energy bubble can. The ship’s speed is zero in relation to its bubble and so, when the energy bubble attains light speed, the ship is carried along with it.

The hull and bulkheads of the ship are composed of semi-organic technology. It combines nano technology with organic nanites. To build such ships, each part must first be fashioned and when ready, immersed into a nano/nanites bath. The nano/nanites will grow on the object and consume it but they will take its place and retain  its initial properties. The object will now be composed solely of nano/nanites. If the object is damaged, the nano/nanites rebuild it from memory. 

The Armstrong is the only ship in Earth’s fleet with a functional nano/nanites hull. All other ships’ nano/nanites died due to loss of energy. On these ships, their hull's self repair is non functional.


Note: The Armstrong's layout may differ from that of other UEF ships of the same design because, unlike these, the Armstrong was not reconditioned from damaged vessels. Only its computer system has been reprogrammed to be manned by Humans. The other UEF vessels in this category were rebuilt primarily with a Human crew in mind.

 UEF Armstrong –  USA 

Admiral Blain Tomlin
Captain Andrew Erikson
Executive Officer Commander Donald Connelly

Tactical and communications stations
Lt. Anna Chen (senior officer)
Lt. Aaron Williams (senior officer)
Ensign Dominic Mendez
Ensign Jennifer Parker 

Helm and navigation stations
Lt. Marcie Deschannel (senior officer)
LTJG John DiBatista
Ensign Jerry Mcfee
Ensign Pamela Shefferville 

Weapons and security stations
Lt. Luther Martin (senior officer)
LTJG Julia Desveraux 
Ensign Renzo Bataglio
Ensign Matt Ravel

Science and Engineering stations
Lt. Amanda Whitfield (senior officer) 
Lt. Michael Madison (senior officer)
Ensign David Estrada 
LTJG Taylor Johnson

Medical Officer 
Lt. Commander Nathaniel Dugan (senior officer)
Lt. Tommy Higurashi 

Chief engineer
Lt Commander Wendell Desmonts (senior officer)

Chief of Security 
Lt. Commander Soo-Jin Pak (senior officer)

Ensign Halloway
Ensign Marquez
Petty Officer DeMarco

Other Officers

Andrews (Science)
Carter (science)

Lt. Todd (Medical)
Ensign Baker (Medical)

UEF Garnaud, Gaia Force, Lawrenz Lano Grey Legacy

 UEF Garnaud ­(Canada) 

Type of technology : Reptilian/Earth design ships (Hybrid)
Other ships in this category include the UEF Tereshkova (Russia), UEF So-Yeon (South Korea)

Other ships in the making

UEF Sally Ride (USA)
Type of technology: undisclosed

UEF Liu Yang (China)
Type of technology: Earth

UEF Bondar (Canada)
Type of technology: Hybrid

 Ship Captains 

UEF Shepard: Captain Robert Harris

UEF Liwei: Captain Ho Shin

UEF Gagarin: Undisclosed

UEF Tereshkova: Captain Ivan Bokaryov

UEF So Yeon: Undisclosed

UEF Garnaud: Undisclosed

UEF Sally Ride: Undisclosed

UEF Liu Yang: Undisclosed

UEF Bondar: Undisclosed


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